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You are in for a treat if you haven’t caught the Jeremy Kyle show on ITV recently. Gone are the gems of Foxy from Foxy Bingo and now you are in for the treat of the song, “I know where all the girls go” during every ad break. Foxy bingo are no longer sponsoring the show, although sponsorship hasn’t gone too far a-field as another Cashcade property, Think Bingo has become the main sponsor. So now instead of “I opened the door and there he was Burlington Bertie”, we hear this annoying song.

No one seems to know where the Think Bingo signature song came from, and it appears to have been created specifically for the Think Bingo advertising campaign. But is a particularly irritating song and whatever posses the online bingo site to make use of this song is absolutely beyond me. The tune is pretty catchy, but the singer goes about it with so little enthusiasm that he actually begins to mumble the lyrics.

However that being said, there are some really great things about the Think Bingo online site. They have great promotions and bonuses and have recently re-named their sister site and called it Think Bingo Cosy. Apparently this site is aimed at online bingo players who like things to be warm and cosy. The aim is to keep the bingo rooms smaller so that players have a better opportunity to win. However the look of the site is a bit different to say the least, but I expect that this look might appeal to some people, unfortunately I am not one of them. I much prefer the original Think bingo site, but it is all a matter of taste, so don’t avoid it based on my opinion, go there and take a look see if you like the site.

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