Red Bus Bingo Mega £1k Evening

Play for your free £1,000 every evening at 9.15pm at Red Bus Bingo! They have suped up their Free Bingo games big time – gone are the smaller £200, £300 and £500 games – they’ve been replaced with the big £1,000 ones. Join the free zone at Red Bus!

For those who are not aware yet, there is an amazing 2,000% sign on bonus at this site. A particularly good catch for those itching for a freebie. Log on to find out more.

There is that amazing £1K up for free daily as well to benefit from!

£2,000 Queens Parade, Big Ben Bonanza, £100 Penny Pinchers, £75 Quids In, the £300 Sunday Supercharge, £50 Spend a Penny, Team Bingo, the £150 Oxford Street Shopping Spree, the £2,000 Big Smoke – and more. Plenty of diversity and rewards for those who play at Red Bus Bingo.

With the £2,000 Queens Parade, you play on Saturday, 16 June at 9pm with three lucky players only getting to share the £2,000 prize.

And this is an event (just like Trooping the Colour) not to be missed – because Red Bus are giving away that £2,000 for free! Make a point of noting that three lucky players will get to share the £2,000 prize.

You can either pre-buy your £1 tickets now or earn yourself free tickets into the game (for every 500 points you accumulate). You get points every time you email Angie stories (about how you celebrate your birthday), bingo on the crown pattern or wager either on bingo or instant games.

Big Ben Bonanza is never an event to be missed, because each Friday at 9.30pm (in the £1M Big Ben Room) you could possibly score as much as a million pounds! Make sure you grab your £1 tickets today in order not to miss out on your chance.

Have some fun too with £75 Quids In and/or the £100 Penny Pinchers games. You can win hook, line and sinker every day at 8.30pm and score that £75 or pinch those pennies and win £100 each Saturday evening at 8pm.

Naked Chef Games from Tasty Bingo

Get your dollop (£10 on top that is). Join Tasty Bingo today, deposit just £10 and you will get 200% extra free plus that dollop of £10 on top! Up to £200 free will be yours. Treat yourself to that £500 Golden Delicious too or £2,000’s worth of Bingo Wings!

Celebratory £20K Jubilee Joy Pot. Help celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee through this very special game. Win your share of £20,000 for free!

Get the benefit of a Cracking Cashback – indulge on your favourite bingo and instant games without guilt because Tasty is going to give you 6% cashback weekly on every single pound that you spend!

Freesy Squeezy Bingo – this offer is for those thirty for some free cash. That thirst can be quenched at Tasty Bingo where you can play both free and cheap cards every single day of the week.

Just log on and click through to the Freesy Squeezy Bingo Tab to play those free and cheap bingo games – each and every day this month.

With a view to the free games check out the Naked Chef – daily from 8am right through to 10pm! The minimum and maximum number of tickets per player is 6. The games are 90 ball. Note please that the Naked Chef room is open to all players – funded or not!

When it comes to cheap games, you’re looking at 1p to 4p cards in the Pick N Mix room. Again these games are played daily, and played from 10am right though to 1am! Minimum number of tickets is just 1 with the maximum number permitted being 96! 90 Ball games.

Getting back quickly to both the £2K Bingo Wings and the £500 Golden Delicious; you could win the holiday of a lifetime (Friday, 29 June), worth £2,000 for absolutely free during Bingo Wings. With the £500 Golden Delicious games, you can win a share of £500 every Wednesday (at 9pm) at Tasty Bingo. £400 is shared by everyone with 1TG too!

There’s also the £50 Asda vouchers each week in chat to be collected as well you should remember – log on to check out.

Night Owls Special at Foxy

Foxy Bingo players often win large amounts of cash for free at the site. For example Crunchie17 just won well over £3,000 in the £10k free jackpot game. Other recent winners include jaynekatie who won £10,000, cathyhammer who grabbed herself £2,500, vonnyvoo7 who won £700, Prouders and SmartyPike both won £5,000 – log on if you want to see more winners.

Not a Foxy Bingo players yet? Well you can get yourself 100 free bingo cards when you join today! No deposit required to accomplish this either!

Also get a 200% bonus on your first deposit at Foxy. Missed out on that great May Moolah daily prize draw where you could have won £2,000 cash (this promo ended on 10 May)? Make sure you don’t miss out on their next great prize offer by regularly checking out what is happening at this great site.

Do check out the slots and casino offers and promotions at Foxy Bingo too. Then look at their regular Weekly Specials – there’s always something happening with these ones.

Including Speed Bingo, Happy Hours, Night Owls Specials, Early Bird Specials, the Sunday Brunch Special and Coffee Mornings. Great variety and great games.

The Night Owls Specials are for the nocturnal amongst you. There’s both free and penny games for two hours each Wednesday and Friday mornings (2am to 3am and 5am to 6am) in both the Gimme 5 and Ten Penny Falls rooms.

Whilst Early Bird Specials are to be enjoyed on both Tuesday and Thursday mornings, from 6am to 8am. Simply bingo on the Bacon, Fried Egg or Sausage patterns in the 75 ball rooms. You could score yourself 5,000 BPs.

Foxy Bingo always keep you briefed on when jackpot games are coming up. For instance when you’re looking at the Foxy’s Weekly Specials tab – to the right of your screen you will see all games/jackpots listed. Games such as Jackpot £31 (10p per ticket), Jackpot £555 (5p per ticket only), Jackpot £2500 (25p per ticket), Jackpot £500 (50p per ticket) and so on. Log on to check out full details.

Jackpot Crazy are Think Bingo

Start playing right now at Think Bingo – there is £25,000 worth of guaranteed jackpots up for grabs every single week at this site. Also those generous weekly cashbacks that mean everyone, literally everyone, gets 5% back. Of course there’s lots of great instant wins too at Think – great way to keep that bingo playing balance up high.

Haven’t joined yet? Well if you haven’t you’ll want to note that your first deposit there attracts a whopping big 200% bonus. And all you need to deposit to get that 200% is a minimum of £5 – more if you wish to take full advantage of this amazing offer. They will be paying out bonuses to you of up to £100 too. Deposit £20 instead of just £5 – you get an extra £40, deposit £30 you get an extra £60 and so on up to £100.

If you want to win big regularly then note that there is actually over £25K per week up for grabs at Think Bingo. Particularly appealing are those great £1,000 guaranteed cash games as well as loads and loads of smaller £500 and £250 ones.

Big games run every single night of the week– so log on and check out the diary to find out when and where.

How about a good Bounce Back Bonus? Very fortunately, this event is easier to understand and grab than it is actually to say. While Bounce Back events are running on Think Bingo you get cashbacks on your losses. These events run randomly – so make doubly sure you keep your eyes and ears open for them as they are happening.

You could end up banishing a round of bad luck thanks to the Think Bingo Bounce Back Bonus.

5uper Five Bingo – its new and its cash grabbing. If you’re regularly just one number off, you could rid yourself of that particular frustration by grabbing the cash in the exciting Think Bingo 5uper Five, 5 line 75 ball bingo room. Why? Because with this event, you get not 1, 2 or 3 chances of winning but five (5) chances! These games run every single night of the week at 7pm – so make sure you’re there.

Find the Hot Number at Mirror Bingo

£50K each week - £5K every Saturday. Over 100 guaranteed cash jackpot games at Mirror Bingo – games where thousands and thousands of £’s are given away and given away every single week too! Plus, there’s a range of great additional prizes to be won in their special promotions.

Ever wanted to ask a celebrity a question? But never had the chance? Well, your chance has now arrived – via Mirror Bingo!

It’s the new Tuesday event – Celeb Tuesdays, a star studded night where a whole host of celebs are lined up to take over the 3am bingo room every two weeks – so pop in for some star studded fun and bingo! February’s guests where Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee.

Keep in mind too that Mirror Bingo matches your first deposit by the tune of a 200% bonus (up to the value of £150). They also give you 50% extra with every subsequent deposit you make.

There is thousands of £’s up for grabs every week, including over £50,000 in those guaranteed cash prize games, one of which is that £5,000 whopper up for grabs each Saturday evening at 9pm.

You can lift those spirits with a fabulous 2,000 BP win every single time you bingo on the coffee cup pattern. Make sure that you keep your eyes peeled for this special pattern, in the 75 ball bingo rooms, all day, every Monday!

Regular promotions at this site, include some rather special weekly promotions, which run from Mondays to the following Sundays of each week. These games include; (a) Money Spider, (b) Legs eleven and (c) Hot Numbers.

With Hot Numbers, if you manage to bingo on Mirror Bingo’s special Hot Number you’ll win yourself a cool 5,000 BPs. This special Hot Number chances each week and operates from first thing each Monday to 1 minute to midnight the following Sunday.

So how do you find out the new weekly Hot Numbers? By reading the weekly newsletter or simply asking one of the lovely CMs when you’re playing.

Everyday is BOGOF Day at Party Bingo

Have a great spin while waiting for your bingo game to start. Get your cards for Super 6’s (buy 6, get 6 for free), join in Fridays for 3 for free, each Wednesday its Win-Day as well as Fair & Square Day in Disco Divas

You’ll want to know that every single day at Party Bingo is actually a BOGOF day? Every day you can get free bingo cards during the BOGOF hours. Simply put, that means, that with each card you buy you will get another one free.

This is an offer that takes place in both the Party Bingo 90 ball and 75 ball bingo rooms. In the Lilac Lounge, BOGOF hours go from 7am to 8am, 1pm to 2pm and also from 10pm to 11pm. In Bingo Fiesta, the BOGOF games/hours take place from 11am to midday and between 4pm and 5pm!

Then there is the Bingo Reward Club, which has been created solely so that Party Bingo can give something back to you, the player. When cards are bought in both the 75 and 90 ball bingo rooms you earn stamps. The more stamps you collect the higher and higher you move up in the Reward Club.

And at each level of the club you earn free bingo cards each day and some special deposit bonuses.

Wins-day – Wednesday at Party Bingo means it’s a Wins-day for you when you join in the play in the Bingo Royale room – all the games start with a base prize of £40. Plus, bingo in 48 calls or less and scoop yourself an extra £100 cash prize.

Then, as for Super 6s, join in Thursday evenings in the Disco Divas room when all the card prices in all games are dropped to just 5p! But not only that, as Party Bingo give you 6 free cards, with every 6 that you buy!

Join in next Thursday night at 6pm and play until midnight if you like. Remember, you get 6 cards free with each 6 that you buy. Plus, if you bingo in any game in 43 calls, or less, you get to win a special £666 jackpot prize. Join that party from 6pm!

Keep your eyes and ears open for your invite to the new invite-only club at Party Bingo – it’s called the Penthouse Club – it’s the latest place to enjoy a bespoke gaming experience. Log onto Party Bingo and read more about this newest VIP offering.

Have you got Enough Style to Play at Posh Bingo?

Add a real touch of class to your online bingo play – style is found at Posh Bingo. Want to be a bingo millionaire? Well be sure to play in the monthly joy million game at Posh. Win 1,000,000 points for just 10p.

Want to be even more beautiful for Easter? Well try your luck in the ‘Bootylicious £3k’ game at Posh. Get your golden glow the bingo way. Play the Bootylicious game (for £3,000) at 9.45pm on Sunday, 8 April and win your fair share of that pampering £3,000 worth of beauty vouchers for free!

Keep in mind Posh Bingo’s daily free bingo – there are over £350 worth of bonus funds up for grab in the Daily Dosh £100 and freebie games.

Thursdays brings you the excellent £500 Thursday Bliss game, at 8pm, maybe it will be your turn to lay your hands on indulgent £500 cash for just 25p? Full house winner pockets £100, with other £400 being shared between all the 1TGs!

But the Posh Ton is worthwhile at £100 cash for just 10p (per ticket). Also 1TG prize is included as well. This one’s on each Tuesday evening at 7.30pm.

But maybe you’d prefer the Sliding £500, the Glitzy £750, the £50 Daily Affair, daily penny games, the week day or weekend money bank promotions, team bingo, Posh MPH? Or do your dreaming and playing with regard to dreams of £1,000,000.

Posh MPH is all for the speedster, those who don’t have much time, but wish to play a great game of bingo before they go to work or during their morning tea break. No time to waste, speed works for you well give the Posh Bingo speed bingo games a go every day of the week between 7.30am and 11.30am.

Money bank games all week every week – are bigger and better than ever. Here are just a few of the week day specials (for play Monday to Friday): Big time bingo-er, hot shot and Pedigree Posh! Check on to see these in detail and more

As for weekend money bank games, try out for Sterling Stuff, Lucky for Some and All That Sparkles.

All fun at Posh Bingo!

Refer your Friends to Cheeky Bingo for a Nice Extra Bonus

Sign up today and receive a 200% welcome bonus – Get £20 free when you deposit £10. Plus an excellent refer-a-friend promotion! Always keep a close check on the Cheeky Bingo diary tab – lets you know all about what’s happening and when.

When you hit on Cheeky simple click through to the promotions tab where you will find 8 excellent guides that will explain (things to you) and assist you. They are: welcome offers, Cheeky diary, slots and casino, loyalty program, weekly specials, refer a friend, Cheeky points and deposit bonuses. These tools are ready for you to utilise to make things easier and more winning for you.

Take the Cheeky diary for instance, this tab includes all the news about special bonus days and regular events. Down the bottom right hand corner, you will see the date icon, click on that and you are taken directly to the Monday to Sunday listings for that week.

News of the 1TG 2TG and the games in Chubby Cheeks and Ball Breakers on Mondays, Tuesdays games such as High Five (the bingo game with the 5-tastic twist), Wednesdays has events such as the Cocktail Hour (but it lasts 3, from 8pm to 11pm), Cheeky Dip on Thursdays. There, of course, there’s the regular Friday Frenzy where you can win yourself £2,500 for only 25p. All Day on Saturday, there is the Jackpot Pyramid and Party night (10pm that evening) and Sundays, All day, is the £100s Club.

Keep in mind that Cheeky Bingo gives away more than £100,000 per month in guaranteed jackpots too. That’s £25,000 worth of guaranteed jackpots every single week of the year at Cheeky Bingo.

Also keep in mind that whenever you buy bingo cards, win chat games (in the 5p and 10p rooms) and refer friends to Cheeky Bingo, that you earn Cheeky Points. You can cash these points in to buy cards in the 1p, 2p, 5p and 10pm rooms as well as paying to play in the special pre-buy games.

Weekly Specials – Always there, always reliable and you can be cheeky at Cheeky each day of the week with their weekly specials. There’s daily, weekly and monthly guaranteed jackpots, where you can win anything from £250, to £1,000 to as much as £5,000.

There’s the Cheeky Chest where you get to grab loads of Cheeky points as well. Lots going on at Cheeky Bingo – log on and check it out.

Super Bingo Linx Games for Mothers Day

Anyone can get started with Ladbrokes in 3 very easy steps. Step 1 – Register an Account, Step 2 – deposit some money and Step 3 is where you choose your bingo chat name.

When you sign up here you can actually play 500+ games (minimum deposit of £5).

One important thing to always keep in mind when playing at Ladbrokes Bingo is the variety of the games available to you – 90 Ball, 80 Ball, 75 Ball, and special bingo games – as well as the community games! Curious? Log on now to find all about the things you’ve been missing out on possibly.

No Lose Bingo – no problems or losses at all with this game. Simply log on, play No Lose Bingo and if you don’t win you wont have any problem at all getting your money back. Can’t be fairer than that.

You can even vote on the Roomie of the Month, and win fab prizes as well when you like Ladbrokes on Facebook.

Play £10 on 90 Ball Bingo and get yourself £30 free or play £10 on Deal or No Deal Bingo and get £30 free. Make sure you play some of those big money mini games too – such games as Clover Rollover or Dynamite Digger – after all everyone needs a break at times.

As for Like Us on Facebook – submit your details via the tab on the left hand side of the Facebook page and you’re in with a chance to win some fabulous prizes.

Big games are a feature of play on Ladbrokes Bingo. For instance, with Ladbrokes Link, the prize pools start from £75 all week with tickets only being 10p each.

As for Bingo Linx at 12 Noon – there is a total prize pool of £1,500 up for grabs at 50p per ticket.

6pm Bingo Linx carries a prize pool of £2,500 at just 50p per ticket also. The biggest of the big Bingo Linx games happens at 10.30pm, with a total prize pool of £4,000 – still at just 50p per ticket.

Note please, that there is also an extra Bingo Linx game, with a prize pool of £1,000, running at 9pm – also at 50p per ticket.

The best of all Bingo Linx games at Ladbrokes Bingo is set down for Mothers Day, at 10.30pm, at just 50p per ticket with the game prize pool being a massive £17,000 and an additional £3,000 for 1 and 2TG’s!

Live Chat now Across 6 Online Bingo Rooms

Not a player/member yet? Well if you do join today your first deposit will be matched by no less than an additional 300% - up to a very generous £150 – plus you’ll get 50% extra with each and every subsequent deposit.

Live chat with your bingo pals in any of the 6 Scottish Bingo Halls – you don’t have to be a Scot though! Just log on, site that bouncing ball and go for it!

Make sure to find out about Bingo Scotland’s great £30 Free Play – its oh so easy to claim. Check out the specials and go from there.

You will be treated to over 100 guaranteed cash jackpot games, where they give away £thousands upon £thousands of pounds every single week of the year. Apart from these regular special guaranteed games there is also some great prizes to be won in the special promotions as well.

Now is an excellent time to play at Bingo Scotland – so get going, get online, get chatting and playing then you will get winning.

Were you aware that they have now teamed up with McIntosh Foods to present a very exciting promotion – with heaps of great prizes and this particular promotion will be running until the end of this merry month of March.

Special prizes and merchandise worth thousands and thousands of £’s so get stuck right in. Such items as (a) 5 free bingo play, oven gloves up for grabs also, there’s even McIntosh scratch cards, and what about that £1,000 in guaranteed jackpots.

The truth is that players at Bingo Scotland win thousands of pounds there every week of the year – and those thousands includes (but is certainly not limited to) that over £50,000 in guaranteed cash prize games – including a £5,000 whopper every Saturday evening at 9pm!

You can join in daily with the other folks at Bingo Scotland – in the Red Carpet Room, The VIP Area, the Nifty Fifty Room or the Bingo Tastic Room – you could possible scoop one of those guaranteed jackpots every half hour – or more!

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